Worth…we are all worth something far more precious than money, gold, silver! We are all extraordinary in the eyes of our creator! Our worth is not defined by man but by God. Because in all actuality human love is flawed, it’s conditional, it’s selfish, it has false pretenses! OH BUT GOD! His love for us is Perfect! So much so that he died for us, reaches for us, protects us, spares us, provides for us and so much more! Let us grab hold of Gods Love, where in we find our worth because of who he is! Let the Love of God flood your hearts and minds but don’t stop there! Give Love in and with the same measure by which you have so graciously received it. Let Love lift you up, because when nothing else could or would help, Gods love will lift you up right to where you belong and through THAT love lift up someone else! #prayingforthisnation #GodisLove #Worth

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